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Julia Smith, writing for the Monthly Review, calls THE LAST GREAT STRIKE "deeply researched" and "vividly narrated." In Smith's words, the book "is a strong piece of scholarship, rich with archival discoveries. Compelling and accessible, it draws on an impressive range of primary sources, including the records of the Steel Workers Organizing Committee; regional archives in Youngstown, Chicago, and Cleveland; and a variety of newspapers and government documents." It "makes an important contribution to our understanding of U.S. labor history, union organizing, and class conflict. It provides a detailed analysis of a significant labor battle, illustrates the complexity of strikes, reveals the power and ruthlessness of employers, and demonstrates the risks of relying on the state to secure justice for working people." It "reminds us why documenting and studying strikes, past and present, is a crucial part of . . . devising new strategies for ending inequality and exploitation." To read the full review, click here:

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