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As Possibility of Strike Looms, Steel Companies Prepare for War


By May 5, 1937, with a steel strike looming, the sheriff of Mahoning County, Ohio (where Youngstown is located) had sworn in 214 deputies. Fifty-seven were on Republic Steel’s payroll and 114 on Sheet &...

April 6, 2016


Big Steel Signs Historic Agreement, Guarantees Steelworkers Basic Rights


Seventy-nine years ago, in early March, 1937, U.S. Steel Corporation signed a historic collective bargaining agreement with the nascent Steel Workers Organizing Committee (SWOC). The agreement pr...



As the Prospect of a Strike Becomes More Likely, the Companies Prepare for War


Between January 1, 1937 and May 5, 1937, the sheriff of Mahoning County, Ohio, where Youngstown is located, prepared to confront striking steel workers. He swore in 214 deputies. Fifty-sev...

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