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Steelworkers Out on Strike


On May 26, 1937, SWOC launched a strike against Little Steel after attempting for a year to negotiate with the companies. The strikers wanted a union, the ability to negotiate as a group with their employers, and the right to strike and pick...

April 13, 2016


In Historic Move, Supreme Court Upholds Wagner Act, Validates New Deal


On April 12, 1937, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of the Wagner Act, a landmark decision that essentially validated the constitutionality of the entire New Deal. But the defeat...

April 6, 2016


Big Steel Signs Historic Agreement, Guarantees Steelworkers Basic Rights


Seventy-nine years ago, in early March, 1937, U.S. Steel Corporation signed a historic collective bargaining agreement with the nascent Steel Workers Organizing Committee (SWOC). The agreement pr...

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